"Everyone deserves a financial accountability partner."

Affinity Insurance Partners

Conceive the vision of your best life.

Affinity is defined as “persons who share the same interest”, “a relationship that binds”, “an inherent agreement” and/or “a close connection”.  Affinity Insurance Partners (AIP) was founded on that very premise.  Our shared interest is the client who trusts us with their financial future.  We are bound by our unwavering commitment to making sure that your needs are met.  Our agreement is to fulfill our fiduciary responsibility to you and your family.  Our connection is the relationship that we build in becoming your financial accountability partner.      

We are a team of licensed, independently qualified, and experienced subject matter experts that collectively work together to provide our clients with a true financial and estate planning experience.   We are an independent financial services boutique firm that is truly a sum of all its parts.       

Affinity Insurance Partners Financial Goal Planning Process

When planning for a specific goal or a combination of goals (whether it is your retirement, paying for your child’s education and/or buying a vacation home),
it is important to take a systematic and thorough approach. AIP assists by utilizing a proven six step process that methodically takes you through the
most important steps of financial planning.

Identify Your Goals, Implement An Efficient Plan, And Be Accountable So That You May, One Day In the Near Future, Realize These Goals!

The financial planning process begins with you identifying what exactly it is that you want to accomplish. Once you define and set your goals, 
it becomes possible to follow a strategic step-by-step method that lays out a simple and straightforward path to reach them.