WE make it about YOU!

That is what makes us both different and unique in our approach to the professional athlete.  Every financial advisor tells the athlete, the athlete’s management team and the athlete’s family what they can do.  However, we prefer to ask our clients, “what can WE do for YOU?”  If you choose to do business with Affinity Insurance Partners, YOU become part of the AIP family. 
And family takes care of family.      

As a professional athlete, YOU are your business.  It is YOUR preparation, YOUR focus, and YOUR execution that directly correlates to YOUR success in sports.  It is this success that translates into YOUR financial reward in the form of future contracts and/or endorsements.  And it is our responsibility, as a financial accountability partner, to ensure that the decisions WE make and the strategies WE implement, seek to allow YOU and YOUR family to take advantage of these successes both during and after YOUR sports career. 

Again, WE make it about YOU!”     

AIP has the experience and understands the requirements for managing the wealth of the ultra high net worth individual, more specifically, the professional athlete.

In addition to providing customized, hands-on wealth management services, we understand how to navigate through both the perks and challenges that arise from being a professional athlete.  Our strategic, open architecture approach allows us to become more of an accountability partner than your typical financial advisor.  It is this perspective that allows us to put the needs of our client first.  And that is the Affinity Insurance Partners “advantage!”  Services we provide include, but are not limited to the following:   


  • Financial Planning
  • Customized Portfolio Management/Analysis
  • Insurance Planning
  • Generational Wealth Strategies
  • Charitable Organization/Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Budgeting

Concierge Services:

  • Comprehensive Tax Planning/Management
  • Credit Repair/Optimization
  • Professional Networking/Marketing
  • Evaluation of Outside Business Opportunities
  • Bookkeeping and Debt Management
  • Professional Contract Review

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