Wealth Management

Wealth Management, but more importantly, the fiduciary responsibility to the client involves more than just the oversight of investment assets. The financial life of an Affinity Insurance Partners client encompasses many important needs and issues that need to be addressed. The robust, comprehensive wealth management we provide focuses on every aspect of your financial situation. Our wealth management strategy focuses on 3 important factors:

Risk Management + Asset Management + Debt Management = Wealth Management

“Manage your life less, Enjoy it more”

Affinity Wealth Partner

Risk Management is not only inherent with investments, but with many aspects of life and business. While it can never be eliminated entirely, you can take steps to attempt to shield yourself from risk.

Affinity Insurance Partners uses a 5 Step Approach to managing, but more importantly, mitigating risk:

  • Step 1: Identify the Risk.
  • Step 2: Analyze the Risk
  • Step 3: Evaluate or Rank the Risk
  • Step 4: Treat the Risk
  • Step 5: Monitor and Review the Risk

Some of the ways we help you do so are through portfolio diversification and/or hedging strategies; life, disability and long-term care insurance; diversification and liquidity for business owners; tax reduction strategies; identity theft strategies and guidance on family or business dynamics.

Asset Management is just what it sounds like: the management of your assets. Assets are all of your financial holdings, but asset management tends to focus on your investments. This includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and other investments you make to try to grow your wealth and prepare for the future.  Asset management is a specialized business service intent on helping clients build and maintain wealth.

Affinity Insurance Partners will determine which investments are best suited to your financial situation. This means we will help you with things like asset allocation, or choosing how to divide your investable assets among different asset classes.  

The Affinity Insurance Partners asset managers work with clients, and in association with other financial professionals including brokers, strategists, and advisors to maximize an investor’s wealth creation opportunities. Our asset management team is made up of financial professionals whose experience in estate planning, investment, and financial products enables them to deftly steer clients toward sound financial decisions.

Debt Management is the most overlooked aspect of your financial picture and managing it wisely can be just as important as managing your investments.

Debt is a subject about which most people feel conflicted. While debt makes it possible for many people to achieve important goals like buying a home, it can also undermine their financial position if mismanaged. For some, getting rid of outstanding debt, especially as they approach retirement, is a top priority. For others, debt is an important source of liquidity while providing leverage for their investments. Debt for most of us is a fact of life, but it is smart to be thoughtful about how you manage it.

Debt Management should be considered in aggregate as part of your overall financial picture. Your personal balance sheet will list all your assets and compare it to all your debt. Over time, you want to see your assets grow relative to your debt.  Debt Management is a key component of how Affinity Insurance Partners can help you plan for a healthy financial future.