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As a financial firm, your client trusts you to take care of their wealth and insurance needs -now and far into the future. AIP’s diverse portfolio of insurance products, next-level service, and higher compensation structures provide your firm with the tools to best serve your clients as you thoughtfully plan their financial future.

We have access to rates at all carriers and we’ll make sure you’ re educated on the strategies and products that work best to achieve your client’s goals.

In addition to next level service, every case will have a dedicated Case Manager to monitor all cases to close in a reasonable manner, communicating every step of the way. Our service level fills the hole in this industry.

We are uniquely positioned to offer street level or higher compensation across all products and carriers so you can truly offer your clients the right product.

Complete planning solutions for every client.


Retirement Plans


Moving your wealth management firm forward

A diligent process to lower life insurance case times

There’s a reason we have the lowest average life insurance case times in the industry; We care about making it happen. Here’s how we do just that for your clients:


Once a case has been submitted, a dedicated case manager is assigned to it


If a week goes by with no resolution, the case manager reaches out to get an update


If there is still no response 48 hours after initial outreach the case manager reaches out to the carrier to get update


If additional 48 hours goes by with no response, the case manager calls a higher level executive to get an answer

Affinity provides a steady stream of vetted leads for your firm to close on

Plus, the training & development to ensure success!
We offer a number of free training & development workshops to increase your knowledge on the market and products that will expand your Advisor Toolkit and open up opportunities to grow your firm’s revenue