Estate Planning

Proper estate planning serves as a living roadmap for defining your goals and achieving your desires for the future. Affinity Insurance Partners will take point on the entire planning process, providing our clients with access to a network of trusted attorneys and accountants.  Together, we will architect an estate plan that may assist in creating a wealth transfer strategy that encompasses and honors your final wishes.  The end goal being the creation of generational wealth strategy that ultimately creates a legacy for both you and your family. AIP will regularly revisit your plans to adapt and alter based on new circumstances. 

Wealth Transfer is the passing of wealth or assets to beneficiaries upon the death of the owner through financial planning strategies that often include wills, estate planning, life insurance, or trusts in a tax efficient manner. When considering wealth transfer, most Americans want to know that no matter the size of their estate, their assets will move to the people they choose at the lowest possible rate of taxation and at the highest rate of interest earned throughout the life of the products they have purchased, with little or no risk.

estate planning graphic

Generational wealth represents assets passed down from one generation to the next. If you can leave behind a notable inheritance to your descendants, that constitutes generational wealth. People who inherit generational wealth have a significant financial advantage over those who do not. They likely could avoid student loans as well as other types of costly debt. Instead, their inheritance could go towards income-generating investments, assets which appreciate in value.

“Affinity Wealth Management Group will design and implement strategies
to not only transfer wealth, but to build generational wealth.”

However, it is not easy to maintain generational wealth across several generations. In fact, * research shows approximately 70% of families lose their capital in the second generation while 90% lose it in the third. In other words, giving people money is not enough. You need to ensure they have the financial literacy and competency to maintain and grow the estate for future generations.